TASKs for Democracy

Pestalozzi Series Book 4 (2015)

PPN°4TASKs for democracy – 60 activities to learn and assess transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge is a handbook for practitioners in formal and non-formal educational settings developed within the Pestalozzi Programme Community of Practice of the Council of Europe. The handbook focuses on competences for democracy in all areas of education for educational professionals.

*Following the meeting of the Steering Committee for Education Policy and Practice (CDPPE) on 16 March 2016, the CDPPE instructed the Council of Europe to revise this publication to bring it in line with a more recent political priority of the CoE, Competences for Democratic Culture. The second edition, to be finalised in the coming months, will reflect this instruction.

The 60 activities presented form an integral part of the original publication. They are the collection of learning and “re-learning” activities which will help practitioners to promote the development of these components in their day-to-day educational practice. The introductory chapters are currently under review .It is expected that a revised version of TASKS will be published later in 2016. Some of the activities include references to the introductory chapters. Readers should disregard these.

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