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Languages in Education, Languages for Education – A Platform of Resources and References for Plurilingual and Intercultural Education

The purpose of the Platform is to offer reference tools that can be used to analyse and construct curricula for languages of schooling which are

  • taught as subjects in their own right, for example, Polish in Poland, Swedish in Sweden, German in the schools of the German minority in Denmark etc)
  • and used for the teaching of other subjects (maths, biology, history, geography etc), such as Swedish in Sweden etc, or regional or minority languages in some education systems.

The Platform offers an open and dynamic resource, with system of definitions, points of reference, descriptions and descriptors, studies and good practices which member states are invited to consult and use in support of their policy to promote equal access to quality education according to their needs, resources and educational culture. These documents, which differ in their status, will be put on line gradually.

Link A Platform of Resources and References for Plurilingual and Intercultural Education


Integration of People with Disabilities

This umbrella site collects together various resources, documents, action plans, publications, articles, etc. in connection with the social integration of people with disabilities.

Link Integration of People with Disabilities

Political and Legislative Framework for the Education of Roma Children – Reference Texts and Support System

This document identifies legal frameworks and initiatives undertaken at international and national levels that demonstrate the political commitment to the amelioration of Roma, highlighting education as an important priority. The paper provides an overview of international official texts related to the education of Roma children, an overview of initiatives and programmes of international organization for the education of Roma children and a comparative analysis of national initiatives of Council of Europe member states for the education of Roma children.

Link Political and Legislative Framework for the Education of Roma Children – Reference Texts and Support System