Pestalozzi Programme Training Units

The training activities of the Pestalozzi Programme, and in particular the modules for trainer training, focus on learning-by-doing. The tangible results of this work are training and teaching resources for the major topical areas of concern of the Council of Europe in the field of education.

Between the first and the second module the participating teacher trainers developed these training courses supported by feedback from their peers and their coaches before piloting them in real-life learning and teaching settings. After the second module the resources were revised, edited and prepared for online publication.

You are welcome to use these resources, to pass them on to other interested education professionals, to translate and/or to adapt them to your professional context. Most of them have been developed for pre-service or in-service teacher training within the Pestalozzi modules for trainer training. However, many of them can also be adapted for use with learners in the classroom.

Should you be interested in translating any of these into other languages please contact us and we will be delighted to include other language versions.